Cheating Work Fatigue: Tips On Looking Fresh At The Office

In today’s working environment, anyone who isn’t tired to the bone at the end of the work day probably had a doppelganger to help them out. Long hours, less-than-ideal working circumstances and few breaks combine to create fatigue and anxiety in many workers. Despite your best efforts, fatigue shows all too well in the face and no amount of makeup or tanning lotion will cover it once it catches up with you. Instead of hiding from it, here are some tips to cheat yourself into looking as if you haven’t even heard of fatigue before.

The Eyes Say It All

There’s a reason the eyes are called the windows to the soul. Skip sleep, stay up late, drink too much and it shows in the eyes and the eye bags. You can place slices of cucumber over your eyes, slather eye gel and use roll-on caffeine creams to help your eyes look less tired from day to day. But if your eye bags become permanent, then you will have to get eye bag surgery from a plastic surgeon because eye bags are a sure sign of fatigue and could result in your superiors putting less trust in your capacity. Of course, the best cure for all this is sleep and if you can get at least 5-7 hours a day, your worries will be over.

Make the Skin Look Younger

Another side effect of being tired is that your skin looks drawn and loses its radiance. To keep is elasticized and glowing, hydrate with lots of water. Drink as much as possible because it also helps keep you sharp and awake even when you are tired. Hydrating will also keep away acne, which has a habit of popping up when stress levels increase. Losing sleep, overwork and fatigue are all causes of acne. You can hide the scars with makeup but acne laser treatment will be a more permanent solution that will keep you looking dewy and fresh-faced.

Use Your Features to Your Advantage

Ladies this tip is for you. If you are feeling tired and looking it too, splash some cold water on your face and paint those lips a bright red. The brighter the lipstick, the more vibrant you will look, unless your eyes are bloodshot and you are pale, in which case you will look unnaturally made up. Avoid orange and coral hues as they will cause your skin to look sallow. Avoid heavy makeup around the eyes as it make them look more tired; simply use concealer and bronzers to give it a glow.