Extend The Life Of Your Memory Card – Amateur Photographers

If you’re a photographer and you’re starting your career in this area, you might be aware of the amounts of pictures and videos you capture. In fact, when you attend to cover a wedding, party or other function, you need to carry extra accessories with you. These include battery, memory chips or sticks and many more. So, if you have a digital camera or camcorder, you would have to purchase and external storage drive. There are different memory cards that are available. However, if you want to extend the lifetime of the memory chip, you should take extra care of it. Especially, when you start working on bigger and longer projects, you would have to take extra care of these small pieces.
Even though the size is small, it has the feature of saving greater volumes of pictures and videos. So, if you want to save photographs and video to edit and print later. Even though it’s said to last for a long period, due to certain mishaps, the durability of it could end earlier. Why does this happen? What could you do to extend the life of this small chip? How could you prevent from it being corrupted or damaged? Taking the above questions into point, here’s what you could do to extend the life of the memory stick or chip:

 One of the most important things that you should be doing is switching off the camera or camcorder, if you’re inserting or removing the Micro SD card. Removing while a picture is being saved or is switched on, it could affect the files stored in the card.
 Never force the chip inside the camera, if it doesn’t go in without an issue. There could be a reason for it getting stuck. That is, you might be holding in the wrong angle, which could damage the head of the chip and the camcorder or camera.
 Furthermore, try to bend or twist the Micro SD card in India, as it’s not flexible. Additionally, avoid dropping in on hard and rough surfaces that could scratch the memory chip.
 Always clean the surface of the SD card, before inserting it inside the camera. Never used cleaning agents to clean it, simply use a dry cloth to gently clean dust. Hold the chip from the edges when you’re cleaning. Once, you’ve used the card, make sure you put it back inside the plastic case that is given for it.
Since you’d be working in this field for a long time, it’s important that you take care of your investments. These include the camera, camcorder and the memory storing accessories. Given that, consider the pointers that are mentioned above to extend the life of the memory card.