How To Give Your Kitchen A Makeover

Out of all the rooms and places within our homes, no doubt, the pantry receives the most amount of wear. This is regardless to whether you do your own cooking, hire someone to do it for you, or even if you are the type that prefers to “heat and eat” their life away. And like wise, regardless to whether your pantry is a large “multi-hands” kind of pantry, or a small and practical space for one, no doubt it needs a little love and a makeover once in a while.

If your home kitchen is looking a little worst for the wear, and you want to liven it up a little; then you should have no worries. We compiled a few of our tips and ideas to help you get about it, and that too without having to empty out your pockets.

The walls and the floor

Regardless to whether you are a beginner or a pro at cooking, it’s inevitable that you’ll deal with your share of accidents in the pantry. The oil splatter, the smoke and even the little splashes of water throughout the years eventually end up making your pantry looking shabby. If your kitchen tiles in Singapore and floors are looking tired and worn out, then replacing them with new and maybe even completely different colored tiles can definitely give it a “new” look.

If that’s too extreme for your budget, or if you’re happy with how your floors look, then consider installing wall tiles for the pantry with high quality material. Accent walls are definitely attractive, and fun to look at. It’ll liven up your kitchen in an instant!

Change lighting.

You’d be surprised at how much of a huge difference a simple change of lighting can bring about to your kitchen. Often, in the attempt to lower the wastage on the electricity, people tend to use LED lights for their home kitchens. While it’s true that it does help you reduce the electricity consumptions, it has its minus side as well. Most LED lights tend to dim out quite a bit after a few months of usage, often without us noticing it. Replacing them once they begin to dim will definitely help. Also, don’t underestimate the power of a few tea candles and a few strings of fairy lights. Though it might seem a little childish (to some), it adds a certain warmth and innocent delight to your kitchen—giving your home a well-loved look.

Swap out and replace the shabby.

Pantry cabinet doors, knobs and counter tops tend to wear out and give the pantry a shabby look after a few years of use. Though it definitely is a little expensive to swap out the old doors and knobs for new ones, we promise, the change it brings to your pantry will make you feel it’s well worth its price. The same goes to the counter tops as well. Remember, not only are rotting and worn out cabinet doors, knobs, and counter tops bad to look at, they are also dangerous to have around (in fear of injuries). Swapping them out while they’re still in useable condition will make it easier for you, than when you have to do it when it’s completely unusable.