Planning The Perfect Last Minute Surprise

We love the act of being surprised as well as surprising someone who is near and dear to us. However, as far as reality goes, it isn’t always easy to plan the perfect surprise. Work happens, other priorities takeover and of course the deadlines never stop coming at us. Hence, most surprises (if not all) are usually ones we would rush into last minute. If you find yourself nodding to this read up until now, keep reading and we might have some tips on how we could help you get your way around this! It could be a birthday, anniversary, congratulatory occasion or even to celebrate the simple joys of life. Let’s go with the assumption that it your fiancée’s birthday. While most delectable cake places would be based on pre-orders and need time in advance to prep for the best birthday cake in Singapore, don’t feel bad because there will be a few other places willing to help out. Try your local bakery or even hotels and pastry shops have some really good cake in store. While it might not be exactly what you had in mind, you will definitely be able to work around getting her favourite flavouring or cake icing!

Next we move on to the flowers. She might claim that she is not a “flower person” but regardless of whatever maybe the situation, never underestimate the importance of getting her flowers. She will genuinely appreciate the gesture and the best thing is if the celebration is not happening on the day of her birthday or your anniversary you can even have an online flower delivery placed and sent right to her workplace or doorstep. If by chance you are lucky enough to celebrate on her birthday or your anniversary, you can even get it delivered to where you are giving you one less thing to be worried about or make time for amidst all other surprise preparations.

We know it’s running through your mind, but you must be wondering as to what you should do with the gift? Well, we are 50/50 on this matter. If you already have bought a gift beforehand, good on you, just ensure that the wrapping is neat and tidy. However, since this is last minute, chances are that you haven’t. Please for the love of your life, stay away from the gift cards, they are impersonal and plainly speaks out that you didn’t make enough time. But if you think she’d think otherwise, do go ahead with it. However, one of our favourite recommendations is to write her a card or letter, explaining this and also your love for her. Now that would be the real icing on that birthday cake!

Good luck!