The Essentiality Of Illuminati

Illuminati are the group of enlightened men who are waiting to capture the power. Their chief aim is to have a single government that would rule the entire world which means there is no place for monism or dualism and international courts and supreme courts. There will be one law and one justice for all the people. This concept is already coming up with the concept of ‘universal citizenships’ coming up. Moreover, there is a fact called there will be no smoke without fire. There should be a community which shares goals like that. Apparently, the Illuminati are aiming to strike the masses when they are vulnerable and powerless and are waiting for a reform in the earth.

If the committee of Illuminati take over the earth, there is a high change that there will not be problems with maritime boundaries and fishermen problems. There will be no problem with cold war’s or civil wars. They might be just and promote equality considering the factor of equity. But, sadly, let us not forget the fact that they are human being too and humans are selfish and injustice might prevail without any alternative method to dissolve. The law firm in Singapore and the suitable lawyers will find it hard and they might have to take a new exam to learn the new legal system and the laws of the country.
But, it will be greatly influencing because there will be no need for these international arbitration and other things like International court of justice and International human rights commission. The commonwealth countries or the court under the crown for the countries ruled by the crown and given peaceful independent will be demolished which means discrimination will be abolished easily. Those countries will be entitled to the common law and equality will prevail all around the world. This will also help us destroy the mafia gangs and the unnecessary things like arms and drugs and abusing women will not be smuggles. If they do, they will not have a place to hide, since there is nothing called international waters or international soil. The police forces will be forced to work as on team. This means international technology and data will be shared. This would help the people to lead a more peaceful life.
The scope for opportunities will develop significantly. This also means that the people will get justice and people will not be subjected to fake ids or anything like that. Moreover this means, to transfer money from across oceans it will be the same. This can be considered as the best way to eradicate black money in the system.