Three Types Of Storage

There are different types of storage units that can house your belongings. This industry is growing and something that most developed countries consider an essential is a place to store their valuables if sufficient space is not readily available at the place of residence. There are three different options that you can choose from when considering storage and each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. We will consider these separately.

Moving company

These companies have their own locations and sites and their facilities include climate control and state of the art security for belongings. These types of storage facilities would appeal to the people who are not very concerned about the costs incurred but are highly particular about the security and assurance given by a professional service. The other advantages include convenience as is considered a one stop service where the mover collects the items, provides an inventory and swiftly moves the items to the site without a hassle. The disadvantage is the obvious cost factor and this facility is sometimes only accessible through an appointment.

Self storage facility

These are specialist companies that have large storage facilities on location at different sizing and requirements according to the client’s needs. It caters to the client’s individual needs. The main benefits are unlike the first option, the storage premises can be accessed at any time. Since you also pay for the specific space that you require, you can arrange the items in any way you prefer. Further, there is flexibility on the features you require, so you can wish the site to be in close proximity to your home or whether climate control is necessary or if items can be accessed from ground level. This way, unnecessary costs can be minimized and there is enough flexibility for change. The disadvantage is risk of damage through transportation as it is not provided by the storage provider.

Mobile storage unit

This is a movable type of storage facility where loading and unloading can be done at your residence; a concept called “drop at your residence”. Various mobile units such as vans, trailers, flat bed trucks are used for this facility. The most convenient feature is that this particular option lets the storage come to you so there is no need for outsourced trucks and perfect if you do not need to regularly access your belongings. The disadvantage is that it is not of the same caliber as a professional mover so there is a tendency for damages while moving and also there is very limited access to it and a prior appointment is very likely.