Tips For Designing A Better Banner Stand

Banner stands are one way of telling your customers about your product or service in one glance. Visual memory can actually have a big impact on your customer’s decisions. Therefore here are a few tips to help you design a cheap banner stand that will get a potential customers attention.

Use a catch phrase

This is a good method of retail displays solutions. The point of a catch phrase is to capture the audience’s attention. So having a good catch phrase can increase the possibility of successful sales. This has to be short in terms of the length of the phrase but the font has to be large enough so it can get the attention of someone that is passing by.

If it’s important then put it on top

Most people make the common mistake of placing important details at the bottom. Images and text that is aimed to get the customer’s attention should be places at the top of the banner stand. Everything that is important to tell the customer should be at the eye level of the reader in order to make it easier to read and this way the reader will automatically know what the important details are.

Too much details is never good

There is such a thing as too much information. You want to give the customers enough information to be convinced to by the product in retail displays solutions, overcrowding the banners with too much information may result in customers not wanting to read the banners or they might not read the most important details and walk way. Therefore you need to be sure about the brand message and the special features of the product that can help to make it stand out and only those details should be put on the banners. Keep the message short and simple but effective.

Use professional graphics and images

Keep in mind that point of sales marketing idea like this are not a additional overhead for you. This can actually help to increase your product sales. Therefore invest a little more time and money on getting this done right. Use professional photographers and graphic designers to get the right design for the banner. Keep in mind that this banner needs to make an impression on the customers.

This type of point of sales marketing is very common so have a look at your competitor’s banners and see what they are doing and make sure that your design and message will stand out from that.